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Gate Automation

Your Home is your castle. Keep unwanted visitors out by installing gate automation. We only use top quality products from leading manufacturers such as Ditec, Roger and Faac. To give you peace of mind that your gates will work as they should when you need them. Your gates can be opened in many ways. It comes with 2 remote fobs as standard. You can add a pin code keypad on the outside. Install a GSM opener(ring a mobile number and it opens). Or even an audio or video intercom. The world is your oyster. Our Automatic Gates are safe. We install safety devices such as photocell’s and safety edges to prevent crush injuries and prevent accidental damage to vehicles.

What are the benefits of installing Gate automation? Keep the Kids and Pets in. Nosy neighbours and criminals out. Also an added benefit of no door to door sales men. Privacy and Security like never before.

We maintain older Gate systems, even if we didn’t install them. A complaint that we hear often is “Such and Such installed our gates and we can’t get them back”. Rest assured if we install your automatic gates, we will finish the job and we will be on the end of the phone, if you need us.

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