Alarm and CCTV Monitoring

Alarm and CCTV Monitoring is an essential add on for your Fire alarm or Security System.

If your Burglar alarm activates, it is important someone knows that is going off. The best way of doing this is a connection to a monitoring station. This service can be as cheap as 68 cent per day. The way it works is; Your alarm activates. It automatically sends a signal to the alarm receiving centre. The operator gets in contact with the key holders(4 people of your choosing) or the Gardaí.

If your fire alarm activates, It is similar to the process above. The alarm sends a signal to the monitoring station upon activation. Depending on your instructions, The operator contacts the key holders and then the fire service or the fire service straight away. This ensures the emergency services get to Your premises as soon as possible.

CCTV Monitoring differs slightly because It has the advantage of preventing a crime before it happens. It’s like having a virtual security Guard protecting  Your building 24/7. Each CCTV camera either has a motion sensor installed next to it or relies on the the camera’s on board advanced analytics. A speaker system is also installed throughout the site. The way is works is; An intruder enters Your Property. The CCTV systems detects that an intruder has entered Your site. The Monitoring station gets the activation and has instant access to your CCTV system. The Operator issues a warning to the intruder and lets them know that the Gardaí have been contacted and They need to leave. This is the Gold standard in Electronic security. Depending on how many cameras you have, this can cost as little as €8 per day. Far cheaper than a real Security Guard.

Whatever Your System, we highly recommend Alarm and CCTV Monitoring because it ensures peace of mind and a Rapid response.


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