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Access Control

We install a wide range of Access control products to suit your needs. Stand alone or PC based.We use VanderbiltSensor Access  and Salto as our main Equipment. All outstanding products. Tried and Tested over many years. Enter Your building via a Keypad, Fob reader or Bluetooth reader. We can also fit various locks (magnetic, sheer of electronic). Depending on the door type. We install panic push bars on all fire exit doors. Choose who has can enter your building and what areas they have access too. How long they have access for. Depending on being a visitor of staff member. Our software comes with many additional features such as time and attendance (clock in and out), time scheduling of doors and door monitoring. Each Software has the ability to manage thousands of users. Hundreds of Doors and Schedule when they are controlled. 

Why Access Control ? It replaces the need for keys and expensive Man guarding services. It offers a cost effective way to choose who can enter Your building. Gives peace of mind to staff that are working late. Can limit the movement of different departments. An operator can react to a crisis. Lock down doors and revoke access.



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