“X marks the Spot” – How Thieves are identifying homes, to Burgle in Kerry/ Cork / Limerick.

12 Jun 2016

We got a call from a very concerned member of the public this week, to let us know that He found markings at the entrance to his home. At first he didn’t realise what they meant, but went online to see what they’re significance maybe. It turns out the Markings were left by burglars, identifying His home as an easy target.

We’ve done some research into these markings and there are a wide range of symbols, meaning different things, such as; Good Target, Alarmed House, Wealthy, Nothing Worth Stealing, Vulnerable female easily conned, Nervous and Afraid and Already Burgled.

These marking have been used widely across the UK in recent years and it seems they have made there way to our own shores.

If you notice any of these marking outside your own home, don’t hesitate to contact your local Garda station, as a break in maybe imminent.






Mike Connolly