Oil Theft and How to prevent it !

Oil Theft and How to prevent it !
20 Nov 2016

It’s that time of year again. Freezing temperatures and everyone’s central heating is in full swing.

At this time every year, usually there’s a Large spike in the theft of oil.

I can remember a case about 3 few years ago, where a family from North Kerry went on holidays. A week before they went, they filled their tank with Oil. When they returned, there was a receipt for 1000l of Oil waiting for them. The owner was baffled because he had already gotten a receipt. When they went to turn on their heating, they noticed their boiler was locked out. They went out to dip the tank and it was empty !! The family were in shock but unfortunately the story gets worse. After the thieves stole the first load of oil, they rang for another load of oil, letting on to be the owners of the house. Needless to say, once it was delivered they took that too !!

The good news for you is, there are ways to prevent it happening to You and your Family. I’m going to share with you, a few tips to stop Oil thieves in their tracks. Some inexpensive and some a bit more expensive but cheaper than getting your tank emptied.

  • Install a sensor light looking at the oil tank, if someone does attempt to empty your tank, the light may deter them
  • Keep your gates closed at all times
  • If possible grow hedging around your property, The thornier the better. 3 of the most security hedges are Darwins barberry, hawthorn or blackberry.
  • Install CCTV, not only will it deter burglars, but if they are stupid enough to proceed with stealing your oil, they will be recorded doing so. A high percentage of thieves are caught by CCTV
  • Install a wireless gauge level to your tank, when the level drops below a certain level, the gauge will beep.
  • Keep your Oil tank out of sight from the main road
  • Install a lockable fence around your Oil Tank.

Something to keep in mind is, it’s not always the people you think are stealing the Oil, that are doing it .

With a little common sense Your Heating Oil will be safe and sound.






Mike Connolly